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We are the "Dinosaur Demolition Derby." An original contribution to the world of art meets science meets sports. Imagine cars, transformed into prehistoric creatures competing in a knock down, drag 'em out brawl in which one survivor triumphs into the crowning of a king in the unthinkable arena road warrior gone hero. It is happening now.

In a world of dinosaur becomes automobile fueled by dinosaur, an American dream of rolling reptiles relentlessly pursuing victory becomes the latest high drama WWF comic strip mass population hysteria. The goal: create media-imaged, car-as-dinosaur-as-car metaphor end of the oil era dynasty in which people may view the creator of oil killing itself in rounds of prolonged destruction. Behind the scenes, God-like operators of these man made beasts give game day interviews and dramatize the real life truism of heroics, personal aspiration and background stories based on real life, gone extinct and come back to life. Much like spontaneous combustion through good clean fun, we are Dinosaur Demolition Derby --- the ultimate American madman gone insane!

Portrayed as a sporting event with American beauties, announcers, referees, judges, close-up video footage and slow motion replays, the viewer will be treated to the straight faced parody of the wild world of prehistoric modern day sports. Flashy graphics, diabolically brilliant music; we are not the Bay Area back roads, we are the open passage back doors, back alleys and backstage access to the dino-car gone buck wild. Complete with all the home cooking, hilarious drama, and all the unforgettable smash derby sports competition there could ever be, we are DDD --- Dinosaur Demolition Derby...catch us if you can!

Hey everyone,

Please let us know if any of you are taking a dino car to the playa.
We applied for a grant to build an arena, but were turned down.
If no new building happened this year, we will conserve our energy
and do it next year. Now, if the dinosaurs thought that way,
they might not be extinct.....

For the last 6 months we have been obsessing on a project that just
appeared on Yahoo Underground. Feel free to share it with your friends.
If your interest is sparked and you want more, a google search on
'Topsy Turvy Bus' will put you on overdose!

T. Wrecks

Yahoo Underground Art Cars piece was published just a few hours ago. It consists of 3 videos, which play in the following order.

1. Tom Kennedy and Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry) talking about the building and purpose of the Topsy Turvy bus.

2. Inside the Art Car Mind, where Harrod asks the question, Who are the people behind these cars and why do they do it.'

3. A music video with original lyrics and soundtrack by Brad about the caravan to Art Car World.

Brad's feature article, which the direct link is below (you can also access the videos from here as well):

And a short slide show. You can jump into the piece by going to the link above, or by going the home page athttp://underground.yahoo.com and exploring at your own risk (risk of not being able to walk away!).

On behalf of Brad, Jon, and myself, let me say thanks so much for all your help in bring this feature to life. We hope you like it. This site is still in it's infancy and we're relying on grass roots efforts to get the word out. So please, tell your friends.... tell the planet... as long as people keep coming, we keep our jobs and keep having ridiculous amounts of fun with people like you :) !!


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